WWE 2K18 on Switch will take up 32GB of MicroSD and 1GB of internal space


Be ready for it

It’s getting to the point where you might not have much room left on your Nintendo Switch if you’re mostly going digital, and didn’t opt to pick up a hefty memory card yet.

Now that more studios like Bethesda and 2K are getting into the Switch game file sizes are going to increase, as are massive mandatory installs that go beyond the scope of the MicroSD cards that house the retail games. Case and point — on top of the 1GB you’ll need for internal storage for WWE2K18 when it hits on Switch, you’ll also need a whopping 32GB of MicroSD storage if you go digital.Well, at least this one has content parity.

While that’s to be expected of a system that doesn’t use disc-based media, it’s ramping up real quickly. Think of this as a PSA of sorts so you don’t pick up your shiny new game on launch day only to be met with a “not enough storage space” prompt.

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