WWE 2K18 won't be delayed on PC, launches same day as console ports


Give me a hell yeah!

For the last couple of years, 2K games actually put out a PC port for the previous year’s WWE title. While waiting around six months to get wrestling on one’s platform of choice wasn’t so bad, it never quite made sense why 2K couldn’t release the game with the console versions. For the hotly anticipated WWE 2K18, PC gamers won’t have to wait. Announced just today, 2K18 will be landing on Steam for PC on October 17, the same day as the Switch, PS4 and Xbox One versions.

It wouldn’t be a 2K games release without pre-order DLC, so that is also being brought over. The four day early access that console gamers get isn’t being offered, but you’ll be able to unlock two different personas of Kurt Angle (WWE “American Hero” and ECW “Wrestling Machine”) and if you opt for the deluxe edition (which includes the Season Pass), then you’ll get extra John Cena’s (ECW One Night Stand and Wrestlemania 26) alongside RVD and Batista. Certainly sounds like pointless DLC to me.

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