Qute shmup Eschatos hits western Switch store January 13


Felt Qute, might destroy later

Calling all shmup heads, Qute Corporation has announced that the recently released Switch port of 2011 blaster Eschatos is about ready to jet off on western shores. Originally launched to the Nintendo platform in Japan back in November, Eschatos will be hitting the Nintendo eShop on January 13.

A vertically scrolling shmup with particularly frantic energy, Eschatos sees a lone pilot charged with defeating an alien body known as “Purple Erosion” which is slowly consuming The Moon. At the helm of a powerful space vessel, the player weaves their way in and out of enemy waves, splattering foes and upgrading their ship via a variety of power-ups. The Switch edition of Eschatos features the original single-player campaign, as well as a rearrange mode and a mettle-testing Time Attack mode.

Like the Xbox 360 edition before it, this port of Eschatos also comes bundled with two further Qlassic Qute Corporation releases: Cardinal Sins (2004) and Judgement Silversword (2001). These equally frenetic shmups were originally developed exclusively for Wonderswan hardware, so this new release will provide one of the first opportunities for western audiences to see these forgotten titles in action.

Eschatos launches January 13 on Nintendo Switch. A PS4 port is currently in the works.