Xbox Game Pass, offering a la carte games, will be launching on June 1


Xbox Game Pass and chill?

Microsoft’s Netflix like service, Xbox Game Pass, will be launching for the public on June 1. The service will open with 100 different games with a $10 per month price tag. Instead of streaming each game, like PlayStation Now, you’ll actually be able to download the titles to your console to eliminate any input latency and drops in quality.

If you’d like to try out the service, a 14 day trial period will be available from today (before the service even starts!). If you wish to cancel your subscription before it runs out, you’ll be given the ability to purchase any downloaded titles at a discount. As for the game list, very little has been shown off, but Halo 5: Guardians, Payday 2, NBA 2K16 and Lego Batman will be accessible on day one.

All in all, this sounds pretty great. I’ve wondered why publishers or console manufacturers haven’t set up something similar to a gaming Netflix, but I realize that internet connections probably aren’t up to snuff to actually stream titles. Microsoft gets around that by allowing full downloads and even lets you play games acquired from the Game Pass offline. That is wonderful.

Maybe developers might take an issue with this (it would technically reduce sales), but if the service is kept to somewhat older titles, it could work in favor of hyping fans up for sequels or DLC. I’d like to know if the selection of games will be on a rotation schedule, but even then, $10 a month is a solid deal.

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