Xbox is giving its first-party games their own stream in July


Oh, Halo

This morning’s special edition Xbox Series X episode of Inside Xbox was kind of light on heavy hitters. It was mostly Assassin’s Creed Valhallaand then a bunch of cool and promising surprises. That was by design. This first look at Xbox Series X gameplay was focused on third-party stuff.

Xbox is making us wait another two months before we get first-party games. At the end of Inside Xbox, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg revealed that there will be another stream in July. This time, it’s dedicated to Xbox Game Studios titles. That means Xbox’s first-party lineup.

The writing was probably on the wall when Xbox revealed that we’d get our next look atHalo Infinitein July. That will certainly be the crown jewel of any Xbox-run event. But, that should also give us a better idea of what to expect as part of the Xbox Series X launch lineup, as well as some of the games that will arrive in 2021. Now that we’ve gotten a bit of next-gen information, we’re right back to waiting.