Xbox is holding a massive sale made up entirely of backward compatible Xbox 360 games


Oldies but goodies

Through the Xbox One, the Xbox 360 has lived on — well, to some extent. Not every Xbox 360-era game is backward compatible yet, but a good number of them are. Nearly 400 titles are a part of the program right now, and you’ll soon have the opportunity to get many of them on the cheap.

Next week, Xbox is holding a backward compatibility sale. Xbox’s Major Nelson revealed the sale on Twitter, noting that more than 275 games will be discounted. Of those, only four were specifically mentioned: Red Dead Redemption, Skate 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, and Grand Theft Auto IV.

The promotion doesn’t start until May 16, so there’s plenty of time to daydream about your wishlist. Savings are “up to 75 percent off,” which doesn’t necessarily mean a whole lot. We’ll surely be checking back in next week to see what’s included and how good the deals actually are.

@MajorNelson [Twitter]