Xbox One Kinect bundle now as cheap as $215


Brand new units too

And thus the Xbox One exodus continues. While we’ve previously seen some new 500GB Xbox One bundles sold for $230 (with tax and shipping from Newegg), today marks a big departure and a turning point in Xbox One prices: various units are now as low as $215.

We don’t even know how the retailers are making money on these type of deals but we suppose at this point it’s better to sell off inventory versus facing a warehouse full of these units when the Xbox One S rolls around sometime in August.

  • Xbox One Kinect Bundle — $230 (list price $499) <- now $15 more as coupon is expiredUse code: CSUMMERFUN2016

No quantity limit has been announced from this eBay deal. Antonline is an authorized Microsoft distributor and your Xbox One will have its full one-year warranty. Shipping is free, and sales tax is limited to CA and GA only.

Earlier today, the 1TB bundle was also offered up by Antonline, but all 1,800 units have been sold out. As of writing it seems Antonline is slowly cycling through all of its Xbox One inventory and is putting them on eBay at a big discount. Note that the eBay coupon above will only work until 5:00pm Pacific, and will require you to pay with a PayPal account.

If you want an even cheaper deal, Groupon is also offloading its certified refurbished Xbox Ones for $189.99 — this is the cheapest price we’ve seen yet for a retail boxed refurbished unit with a warranty (90 days) from a legitimate retailer.

Or you know, maybe you can wait another week and a bunch of these will go on crazy sale again. At this point we’re not even surprised anymore.