Xbox One X first week sales hit estimated 80,000 in the UK, top PS4 Pro's 50,000 first week total


Will Microsoft start sharing hardware sales data again?

A while back, Microsoft stopped sharing hardware sales data for the Xbox One.As far as we know, the Xbox One totals are estimated around 25-30 million, which is about half of Sony’s 67.5 million figure. Now that former bit of data is probably outdated as the Xbox One has outsold the PS4 in random months these past few years, but again, because Microsoft isn’t giving us hard info, we’re sort of in the dark.

The Xbox One X might turn that precedent around though, given its high sales in the UK. According to through gathered retail data (67,000 confirmed with a weighted 20% accounting for additional sales), the Xbox One X sales have hit an estimated 80,000 in the UK for its first week, which beats out the PS4 Pro’s 50,000 total in the same region. Other estimates include the fact that “over 50%” of those sales were from the limited “Scorpio Edition” of the machine, which Microsoft noted was the “fastest selling Xbox to date.”

It’s a small victory in the long war, but a victory for Microsoft nonetheless.

Xbox One X hits 80,000 UK sales in first week []