Xbox Series X and S getting new 2TB and 512GB storage expansion options


Expanding the storage expansion options for Xbox Series X and S owners

Microsoft and Xbox announced some new storage expansion options today for Xbox Series X and S console owners looking to boost their storage capacity. While there was already a 1TB option, there is now a smaller 512GB card and larger 2TB drive on the way.

The Seagate 512GB Storage Expansion Card goes up for pre-order today, and will run $139.99. This smaller option is set to launch in mid-November.

Seagate’s 2TB Expansion Card, meanwhile, will go up for pre-order in November and is expected to launch in early December. It will retail for a bit more at $399.99. Xbox notes in its Xbox Wire post today that the 2TB card will also be the latest product to feature the Designed for Xbox Limited Series badge, which denotes high quality, performance, and design.

The upside of the Xbox Series X and S storage expansion cards is that installation seems pretty straightforward and simple. Just plug the card in, as you would an SD card into something like a Switch, and it works right away.

With how large video games are these days, storage expansion has been a hot topic for new console owners. PlayStation recently rolled out its own update supporting M.2 SSD upgrades, though that requires looking into which drives are supported.

And in any case, storage expansions—especially when it comes to solid state drives—are not very cheap at the moment. The 2TB price point is certainly a big-ticket price, but if you’re already filling up your next-gen Xbox with 2TB of games, it might be something to still look at.