Xbox's collab with OPI nail polish comes with Halo and Forza skins


Get the acetone ready

This is one of those collaborations I wouldn’t have seen coming a few years ago, but it’s 2022 now, and companies are learning more than ever that gamers do indeed enjoy traditionally feminine products. Look at the ubiquity of pink gaming accessories, or the success of ColourPop’s Animal Crossing collection. I remember always seeing OPI’s newest collection out on display when I went to the nail salon as a kid (they’re kind of known for their collaborations), so it’s cool now to see one of my favorite brands crossing over with Xbox. The best part is, you get some pretty sweet in-game skins for Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 on top of your already pretty cool purchase.

[Image Source: Xbox/OPI]

OPI is releasing 12 brand new shades for the collection that are inspired by Xbox, which range from a peachy pink to a warm violet. Each color has a gaming-themed name, like pastel blue called “Can’t CTRL Me,” the lavender called “Achievement Unlocked,” or the shimmery red called “Heart and Con-soul.” Each of the 12 shades is available in Infinite Shine ($13.00 USD each) and Nail Lacquer ($10.50 USD each) formulations, and are currently on sale at ULTA, with plans to expand to other retailers in February.

But now, the information you’ve all been waiting for: each qualifying purchase in the U.S. can unlock “hue-matched, in-game content for Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite starting February 1.” And that’s not all! Fans also have the opportunity to win a custom Xbox controller matching the hues Achievement Unlocked, Racing for Pinks, and Can’t CTRL Me — just follow @OPI on Instagram and TikTok for details.

[Image Source: Xbox/OPI]

Maybe it’s just because I really love having my nails done, but I haven’t been this excited about a gaming collaboration in a while. There’s just something about seeing Master Chief in a sparkly purple set of armor that feels right to me.