Xbox's Game of Thrones tease was for custom consoles, not a new game


Those scales though!

A few days ago, Microsoft dropped a hint on the Xbox Twitter account that it was getting involved with Game of Thrones in some capacity or another. Folks saw a burst of flames and imagery that suggested maybe, just maybe, this would amount to a game announcement. Unfortunately (and rather predictably), that’s not the case the tease was for a pair of custom-made Xbox One consoles.

And now your wait begins.Stay tuned.

— Xbox (@Xbox) May 6, 2019

The consoles are themed around House Targaryen and the Night King, and you can win one of them by doing the Twitter thing between now and when the contest closes on May 22 at 10:00pm Pacific:


RT for a chance to win a Targaryen Xbox One S All-Digital Edition console. Head to Facebook for a shot at the Night King edition:

Catch the final episodes of #GoT on @HBO NOW. Pre-order Season 8 on Xbox. #GamerThrones #Sweepstakes

— Xbox (@Xbox) May 8, 2019

The timing here makes sense. Game of Thrones is wrapping up soon, and these custom consoles are the recently-released Xbox One S All-Digital Edition models, so it’s a promotional push on two fronts.

The attention to detail on the build is quite nice, but it’s no fleshy Godzilla Xbox. (Kidding.)

For what it’s worth, Microsoft’s general manager of games marketing Aaron Greenberg says there’s another “[Game of Thrones] surprise planned for fans.” We’ll see what that’s all about next week.