Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is getting a New Game+ mode next month


With patch 1.3.0

Director Tetsuya Takahashi has laid out the groundwork for Xenoblade Chronicles 2‘s near future, and it involves the coveted New Game+ mode. By way of version 1.3.0 next month, Monolith Soft will be adding it in the form of “Advanced New Game Mode,” on top of a fix for a bug that arose in the last 1.2.0 patch.

Depending on who you ask the bug is either a nuisance or a massive pain. As described by Takahashi himself: “in certain instances during and after Chapter 7 where a Blade linked with a specific Driver disappears from the Blade List (it only disappears from the list, the Blade itself does not disappear).”

It’s not like many people even neededa “Plus” here, as the game is just so massive that a lot of you probably haven’t finished it yet.

1.3.0 [Nintendo.co.jp via Gematsu]