Yakuza 6 launch trailer prepares the Dragon of Dojima for his final showdown


We don’t need another hero

This week sees the Western launch of Sega’s Yakuza 6: The Song of Life. For over ten years we have watched protagonist Kazuma Kiryu defend the weak and the innocent with little more than a stoic demeanor, a sharp suit and a nearby bicycle or ten.

Sega have released a final “accolades” trailer, singing the praises of this week’s PS4 release with a selection of soundbites taken from its many positive reviews. These are set to a fast-paced montage of the ex-Yakuza in action, be it kicking ass and taking names, or throwing darts and diving into the ocean for a spot of fishing.

I’ve loved every one of these titles. They’re all the frikkin’ same, but that’s besides the point. You grow to love the city of Kamurocho and its inhabitants, rather than tire of it. From saving puppies to cooking noodles. From starting up a photo blog, or solving a 20-year-old murder mystery, to fighting tigers in an underground palace. The series has filled me with excitement, drama, joy and laughs. Thus I will likely become a silly wreck at Yakuza 6’s finale, however events transpire.

Here’s to the Dragon of Dojima, it’s been an amazing journey.