Yamcha, Tien, and original character Android 21 coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ


Do not steal

Yamcha, the lovable loser, and Tien, the guy who goes from being the most powerful character in Dragon Ball to being on par with cede lovable loser, are coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ. Yamcha comes complete with his Wolf Fang Fist and Spirit Ball, while Tien has the Dodon Ray (which Toriyama seemed to forget Tien had), Volleyball Attack, and gets some assists from Chiaotzu’s telekinetic powers. Tien’s Tri-Beam even drains his HP when you shoot multiple shots, reflecting his battle with Cell’s ugly form.

The most intriguing addition is the new character designed by Akira Toriyama, Android 21. According to the V-Jump scans revealing the characters (as translated by Gematsu), 21 will be heavily involved in the Android 16-focused story mode and is a scientist with “intellect comparable to Dr. Gero.”

I guess just making up new characters addresses the potential lack of women on this roster, and if there had to be an “original character (do not steal)” it might as well be one that’s super cute. At least it’s not another Goku.

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