Yeah, I'd take a first person Castlevania dungeon crawler


Etrian Odyssey Unreleased

Turning classic games on their head can be a lot of fun. Genre flipping is always a risk, but if it pans out, it can create a whole new fanbase.

The creator of the Evan Yeti webcomic wants to do just that, tweeting out a work in progress screen of a first-person dungeon crawling take on Castlevania 3. He’s basically calling the screen a draft at the moment, as the “map and HUD will be reworked a lot,” but I like the idea, and the setpieces work even when transposed into a 3D environment.

The concept is to go withEtrian Odyssey style battles, with enemies placed on the minigame rather than randomly. I say “good luck!”

Evan Yeti [Twitter]