Yep, Line Rider is still good as hell


Exhibit A: This synchronized ‘Mountain King’ video

A few days ago, YouTube recommended me some video for Line Rider, a monstrously effective time-waster I haven’t thought about in close to a decade. Like most of these automated suggestions, I only gave the video’s title a glance before moving on to something else. I just assumed it was super old!

Flash forward to today, and Darren asks Destructoid staff “Is it still cool to post Line Rider videos? Because this one [the same exact one I originally skipped] is amazing.”

To answer his question, in this case, yes. Yes it is cool. YouTube user DoodleChaos took a month to painstakingly fine-tune a level so that it would sync up with “In the Hall of the Mountain King.”

The rest of my day will now be spent fighting the urge to screw around in Line Rider. Well done.