Yes! New SteamWorld games are on the way, sequels 'not ruled out'


I’ll take…a sequel to every SteamWorld please

The SteamWorld series has been near and dear to my heart since 2013 (sorry SteamWorld Tower Defense), ever since I first played SteamWorld Dig on my 3DS.

Developer Image & Form really had a hit on their hands, which they’ve expanded upon to great success with SteamWorld Heist, Dig 2, and Quest. Moving into strategy and RPG realms was a big move for the company, but they pulled it off and managed to craft a fun and unique shared universe along the way. Now, after around a year of near-silence regarding the franchise, we could see it expanded even further in the near future.

Speaking to a fan on Twitter, Image & Form explained that they are “making new SteamWorld games” (first of all, yes) and they are “not ruling out sequels.” Going a tad further, the studio says that they would “love to revisit earlier games in the series.” Boom. That’s like, triple-confirmation!

Obviously our imagination could run wild here, but I think turning SteamWorld Dig into a trilogy is the most obvious move. Next, a whole new game in a completely different genre would be my next bet. Either way, the world is Image & Form’s oyster. They seem to have a firm foundation of a fanbase around them and are expanding far beyond the confines of the SteamWorld universe, developing titles like Gunk on PC/Xbox.

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