Yes, that was a brief glimpse of No More Heroes 3 you saw in the Devolver Digital stream credits


Suda you cheeky bastard

A few weeks ago during the New Game+ Expo, Suda51, developer of the highly anticipated No More Heroes 3,gave everyone a new look at the upcoming game, but proceeded to block most of it with his melon. Well, during today’s annual “Devolver Digital Game-Marketing-Is-A-Joke-But-Please-Follow-Us-On-Social-Media-And-Here-Are-Some-Press-Releases-Please-Write-About-Our-Games” showcase, Suda51 was back at it again, this time giving fans just the briefest of looks at Motel No More Heroes.


That’s it. That’s the story. No More Heroes IIIis supposed to launch exclusively for Nintendo Switch in 2020. Curious to see if it’ll be pushed to 2021 like several other titles that were supposed to release this year.