Yo-Kai Watch is invading Final Fantasy soon


And vice versa

Well, this is unexpected, but it makes sense.

Level-5, creator of Yo-Kai Watch, has teamed up with Square Enix to bring some of its most popular characters into Final Fantasy XIV. This includes pets, equipment, a Whisper mount, and even the titular watch accessory. This doesn’t look like a half-assed event, as the weapons in particular have a crazy amount of detail, and their own names (like the axe called the Paw of the Crimson Cat). Since players are able to glamour high level items with the appearance of lower level ones, any piece of gear is valuable. A release date was not given, but a new 3.3 patch was also announced in tandem with the crossover.

On the flipside, Final Fantasywill be invading Yo-Kai Watch 3with two new characters — Chocobonyan and Mooglinyan. As someone who loves both games, this is a pretty damn amazing collab.

Final Fantasy XIV and Yo-kai Watch collaboration announced [Gematsu]