Yoku's Island Express looks like pure fun


Playable at GDC

There are some combinations that just make sense and are easy to see: chocolate and peanut butter, phones and cameras, Sonny and Cher.

Then there are those combos that you didn’t know you wanted until some brave soul put them together: bacon and donuts. Frisbee and golf, Metroidvania and pinball.

Metroidvania is perhaps my favorite game genre and I will play any pinball game that comes across my path, yet I never thought of mashing the two of them up before I saw this trailer for Yoku’s Island Express.

From developer Villa Gorilla, Yokuhas you playing a dung beetle that’s just been named the new postman for Mokumana Island. To traverse the massive world, you’ll utilizevarious pinball mechanics that have been sprinkled throughout the map, which sounds and looks so damn fun.

Yoku’s Island Express will launch this winter for PC and consoles, including the Nintendo Switch.

Yoku’s Island Express[Villa Gorilla]