Yooka-Laylee guide: Locations of all five secret pirate treasures


Platformer plunder

Yooka-Layleejust released today and that means anyone who’s playing it has a monumental task ahead of them. The progress screen lists a total of 1,202 collectibles and coming across them all is daunting. I should know, I took the time to find each and every one.

But, the progress screen omits five items: The secret pirate treasures. Actually, Yooka-Layleemakes no mention of these skulls. The only place they’re listed is in the Achievements/Trophies but the descriptions are hidden until you unlock them. Going online to see the secret Achievements is the only indication you’d have that extra collectibles exist.

Even though the pirate treasures represent the most well-hidden collectibles in Yooka-Laylee, we’ve already found them all. Embedded above is a video guide that should easily point you toward each world’s lone skull. And in doing so, you’ll nab the Achievements or Trophies named “Private Pillage,” “Secret Salvage,” and “Captain’s Cache.” Now you have the necessary items to lay claim to actually having 100 percent completion in Yooka-Laylee.