You better watch your back in The Dark Pictures: Little Hope


Here’s a seven-minute scene from the horror adventure game

After a recent delay to fall 2020, Supermassive has a new seven-minute gameplay video for The Dark Pictures: Little Hope, its latest choice-based horror adventure following Man of Medan and Until Dawn.

Straight up, this isn’t the most riveting out-of-context clip, but I appreciate uninterrupted footage after all those trailers. It’s just Andrew – a college student played by Will Poulter – wading through fog, inspecting a sketchy stick figure, and coming face to face with a 17th-century blast from the past.

Little Hope has a “creepy thing just out of focus behind the protagonist” moment, one of those “quiet pause turned fake-out jump-scare” tricks, and kids creepily singing nursery rhymes in the distance.

You know I’m here for this horror game junk food. Cutting-edge scares? No. Cheesy fun? Oh yeah.