You can add Metro: Last Light Redux to your free PC game pile


It’s free on the Epic Games Store alongside For the King

It’s once again time to slide in, claim your free games from the Epic Games Store, and get out. In this giveaway – running today through February 11 – you can get Metro: Last Light Redux and For the King.

You probably already know Metro – it’s the not-distant-enough future, and life in the post-apocalyptic tunnels of Moscow isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Last Light is the second game, and this Redux version is the “definitive edition” remaster with DLC packed-in and gameplay improvements. If you’ve been intimidated by this series, you may want to try the action-oriented Spartan mode over Survival mode.

I feel like For the King has popped up a few times before in free promos. It’s a tabletop-inspired fantasy roguelike RPG that you can (optionally) play in local or online co-op. You in? Here’s a visual aid:

Next on deck is Halcyon 6 Starbase Commander, a ship-commanding strategy RPG with base building and crew management to keep you occupied. It’ll be up for grabs for one week starting on February 11.