You can get an easy 250 My Nintendo Platinum Points with the Astral Chain and Yoshi browser missions


That’s half of some reward costs

Seeing My Nintendo become relevant again is really confusing. I know, it took me a while to adjust too.

For years it was a graveyard for Platinum Points to eternally rest, with rewards for legacy systems and wallpaper exchanges. But now, the system is starting to see shadesof Club Nintendo (minus the free shipping, annual member rewards, and bigger selection) with physical rewards. It’s a big step up.

As a result, I’ve had tons of readers approach me to guide them on how to acquire a ton of Platinum Points either quickly, or over time. You can find those literal guides below! Here’s another one, which deals with the quick and easy acquisition of 250 Platinum Points through two simple website-based missions.

Let’s start with Astral Chain, which can net you 100 Platinum Points across five quests (which provide 20 each). Your job is to uncover five “dimensional gates,” which are basically just pulsing red shapes that appear on the game’s official website.

Note that they might not appear instantly: you may have to scroll down and then back up to find them. But here are the exact locations for each.

The first Dimensional Gate is on the homepage, right below “investigate and battle” in the middle.

The second is near the bottom of the introduction page, right above the Lappy bio.

The third dimensional gate is in the middle of the gameplay page, above “while you’re out.”

The hunt’s fourth dimensional gate is on the “legions” page, close to the bottom, and above “using legions in battle and beyond.”

And your fifth and final mission is on the “buy now” page (so sneaky), right in-between the retail and digital edition descriptions.

Now let’s do Yoshi! For this one you’ll net 150 Platinum Points across three missions (50 each).

The first hidden pup is on the story page, near the bottom. Find it hiding in the bushes above “meet the characters.”

The second pup is in the characters section, peeking out of a cardboard box near the bottom of the page, above “see the crafty world.”

The third and final pup is behind some Shy Guy cutouts on the “explore the world” page. Just scroll to the bottom and click on the middle two Shy Guys to blow them away and uncover the pup. You’re done!

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