You can grab Gravity Rush 2's free Raven DLC now


‘The Ark of Time: Raven’s Choice’

Previously available as a companion during certain parts of Gravtity Rush 2, you can now play as Raven in a free bit of DLC that was just released. It’s a brand new story called “The Ark of Time: Raven’s Choice.”

The best part about the add-on? You can play it right away as it doesn’t spoil the plot of the second game. Instead, it deals with the aftermath of the first entry, almost like an epilogue of sorts.The Ark of Time is roughly two hours long, and contains some combat bits and some exposition for Raven. It flows well and is easily worth playing if you’ve finished the core game.

Plus, having this missing link alongside of the anime, and both entries on PS4 is amazing — I hope we get to see a Gravity Rush 3.

Raven [PlayStation Store]