You can move your bed in Stardew Valley's 1.5 update


The game is gone on the European PlayStation Store but it’s coming back

For all the time I’ve spent in Stardew Valley, I’ve never thought about moving my bed – which is good, because in the current version of the game, it won’t budge. That’s changing in update 1.5, though!

In Update 1.5, you can move your bed

— ConcernedApe (@ConcernedApe) August 12, 2020

People are stoked about the bed-moving ability and their happiness makes me happy.

Big picture, we’re still putting the pieces together in terms of what update 1.5 entails, whether it’s banana trees or “significant” new end-game content. I’m sure we’ll be playing it by the end of the year.

Creator Eric Barone also shared a note about Stardew Valley‘s absence from the PlayStation Store in Europe – “it’s going to be a little while.” Due to a hiccup with the game’s rating, Stardew needs a “complete re-submission” to update its rating from PEGI 7 to PEGI 12 in light of “simulated gambling.”

Barone says he’s starting on the solution today, but bureaucracy can’t be rushed.