You can nab Double Dragon Trilogy for free during GOG's week long sale


Bimmy and Jimmy, assemble!

If you frequent GOG for their sick deals and DRM free games, then you’ll have even more reason to make a purchase this week. From now until July 3, you will receive a copy of Double Dragon Trilogy for free with any purchase from the store. That is right; you don’t need to hit a minimum price or have a certain number of games in your cart. Any purchase is eligible (minus free games).

The cheapest game I can spot is Unreal 2 for 99 cents, but that game is some hot trash, so I wouldn’t recommend nabbing it solely for Double Dragon. For that matter, the PC port of this trilogy isn’t especially good, though its not terrible. It just lacks standard graphics options and has some odd issues with text wrapping that obscures things like dialog and health bars.

Still, an extra game is nice, so I’m sure there is bound to be something on GOG that interests you. Here are a few more choices from their sale that I would actually recommend:

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