You can nab World War Z for free from the Epic Games Store


The Left 4 Dead-style co-op shooter is free to keep

If you toyed around with getting World War Z but never went all the way with an impulse purchase, your patience is being rewarded this week. The Epic Games Store is giving out the Left 4 Dead-style zombie-horde shooter, and if you claim a copy, it’s yours to keep. This isn’t a “free weekend” trial sorta deal.

Beyond World War Z, which is a surprisingly decent online co-op game, the Epic Games Store is also handing out free copies of Figment, an action-adventure game set in the “recesses of the human mind,” and Tormentor X Punisher, an endearingly gross twin-stick shooter about blowing up demons.

It’s worth mentioning that Saber Interactive recently pushed out an update adding PC/Xbox One cross-play for PvE. World War Z is best played with friends, not squirrelly randoms, so squad up if you can.

All three PC games are free to claim until April 2, 2020. Next week’s deal will be Gone Homeand Hob.