You can now casually play through all of WoW: Shadowlands' first raid


Take on Sire Denathrius

One of the best features to come toWorld of Warcraft in recent years is the “raid finder” (LFR). In short, anyone can dive right into WoWraids in LFR form, with the caveat that the rewards are often lessened, the difficulty is lower, and the raid itself slowly unlocks in “phases.” As of today though, you don’t have to wait for that latter hurdle.

Right now, the Castle Nathria raid is fully open for LFR business. The whole process started on December 15 when the first “wing” opened up, and wave four just unlocked: so you can take on every single boss in the castle up through Sire Denathrius: betrayer and antagonist from the main storyline of Shadowlands.

As a whole, Castle Nathria has been a huge success, striking chords with hardcore players and aesthetic appreciators alike. The theme is fantastic, as are the production values of the raid: which beckon everyone into its halls. Its complex mechanics also sated the dedicating raiding crowd, making it a win for pretty much everyone who has entered it. Shadowlands has a big bar to surpass with whatever it has planned next.

Castle Nathria Raid Finder Wing 4 Now Live []