You can now download Mega Man 11's instrumental soundtrack swap DLC for free


It works in-game

So as some of you more hardcore Mega Man fans may know, if you pre-ordered Mega Man 11 under certain circumstances, you were given the “Wily Numbers Instrumental Stage Tracks” DLC as part of your purchase.

It basically allows you to swap in-game music for the eight Robot Master stages, which isn’t a bad little add-on if you’re looking to spice up multiple playthroughs. Well that pre-order bonus is now just plain old free, so if you own the game you owe it to yourself to check the Mega Man 11 listing on your platform of choice and grab the DLC.

It’s historically not a very Capcom move, but then again they are enjoying a new wind and claim that “they’re back,” so maybe this is inline with New Capcom. If you’re interested and maybe can’t get back to Mega Man 11just yet, you can find a preview of the DLC below: a few of them are pretty good!

Mega Man 11 Wily Numbers [PSN] Thanks Jim!