You can now import the original Rock Band into Rock Band 4


Xbox One’s import is delayed

Harmonix is making good on its promise to get you more legacy tracks in Rock Band 4, and that includes the original game. Although the Xbox One import has been delayed a bit, PS4 owners can log on now and go to the Export tab to get their songs. Note that three tracks cannot be imported, likely due to licensing reasons, and eight tracks will not be available right away (list below).

More imports are coming later, and you can view the full list of planned titles here.

How do I export Rock Band (1) into Rock Band 4? [Harmonix]

Coming later:

  • Anarchy Club – “Blood Doll”
  • Bang Camaro – “Pleasure (Pleasure)”
  • Death of the Cool – “Can’t Let Go”
  • Freezepop – “Brainpower”
  • Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives – “I Get By”
  • The Acro-brats – “Day Late, Dollar Short”
  • Tribe – “Outside”
  • VAGIANT – “Seven”

Will never import:

  • Black Sabbath – “Paranoid”
  • Iron Maiden – “Run to the Hills”
  • Metallica – “Enter Sandman”