You can now order a wireless Super Nintendo controller for Switch


Assuming you have a Nintendo Switch Online account

Nintendo is now taking orders for those fancy new wireless Super Nintendo controllers for Nintendo Switch. They’re $30 each, there’s a limit of four per account, and you need to be a paid Nintendo Switch Online subscriber to even take part in this nostalgia-fueled impulse buy, but there you go.

The wireless #SNES Controller for Super Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online is available now to purchase for paid #NintendoSwitchOnline members!

— Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) September 16, 2019

The gamepads come with a USB cable for charging (or you can use a Nintendo Switch AC adapter) and they’ll begin shipping on September 18, 2019. There’s a $5 shipping fee at least there was for me. My order also said to “expect delivery in six to ten business days after it’s shipped.”

I feel a little silly ordering one of these knowing full well I have an SNES Classic sitting somewhere in my closet, but that’s how it goes. The price is right and I love the Super Nintendo too much to sit this out.

With one of these controllers in my possession, I’m going to be that much more impatient when it comes to waiting for further SNES games to join Switch Online. There are so many good options!

Nintendo of America [Twitter]