You can now play a Doom 4 demake with classic Doom (without a Bethesda account!), and it's pretty insane


‘Doom 4 Vanilla’

One of the coolest mods I’ve seen in a long while came across my desk today: Doom 4 [2016] Vanilla.

The mod is described as “Doom 2016 the way 1993 did it,” a project nearly two years in the making. Although you might be doing a double take, this phrase from the landing page sums it up perfectly: “100% vanilla compatible and full of dehacked tricks! All under the limitations of the original Doom2.exe.”

In short, Noiser and their team managed to stretch the limitations of the original Doomsource material so far that they practically created a new game. Enemies from Doom 4are in, as are the execution “glory kills,” faster animations, improved textures, and MIDI versions of Doom 4‘s music (wow!).

It’s actually a huge collective of mods and a group effort, and the results really reflect that. Warning: if you watch the below trailer you’ll probably race to install it. Perfect timing since theDoom 1 + 2 ports just hit the Switch!

Back in the day I was amazed at what modders could do with old shooters and WADs. One of my favorite pastimes was seeking out new Duke Nukem 3Dlevels, some of which I found at PC stores in giant bins of floppy discs and CDs.

Doom 4 Vanilla [Doomworld]