You can now play an 80-hour Pokemon adventure in Minecraft


As a free PC mod

Every month or so I’ll dive back into the world of OG Minecraft PC and see what the community has come up with. The results are almost always staggering. That includes this new adventure from Phoenix Project called Pokemon Cobalt and Amethyst, which is a full-scale RPG.

It features 136 Pokemon that can be captured, a full storyline, and its own unique battle system. As you can imagine it took nearly three years to make, but it’s here, very real, and free to play if you own the PC edition of Minecraft.

While a lot of folks might be thumbing their nose at it in favor of the real thing, it’s admirable how Minecraftis able to keep the creative nature of PC mods alive so many years later.

Pokemon Cobalt and Amethyst [Minecraft Forum] Thanks Alex!