You can now save your credit card information on the Switch eShop



In this episode of “should have been in at launch,” the Nintendo Switch eShop has now added the ability to store your credit card info — you can also customize it to add in the extra step of putting in your password or not. In other words, it’s now up to speed with the rest of Nintendo’s infrastructure.

It’s such a small thing, but people have been wanting it for ages, especially with some of the cheaper offerings on there (like Kamikofor five bucks) and the ability to swap regions on a dime. It’s amazing how much mileage I’ll get out of this device long term, so long as Nintendo actually supports it and the sales numbers don’t plateau.

Oh and a short PSA as someone who used to work inInfoSec — I wouldn’t store information like this with any client. But as I say quite frequently these days, I’m not your Dad.

[Thanks John!]