You can play Evil Within 2 PC in first-person with a very simple adjustment


+com_allowconsole 1

There’s always a huge debate over what’s better for horror games — first or third-person — and the answer always depends on the game itself. You really can’t argue with options though, and this very simple change for the PC edition of The Evil Within 2will help you on your merry way to play the entire journey with the former.

All you need to do is right-click the game on Steam, and type in+com_allowconsole 1 in the launch options. Once you’re in, open up the in-game console with Insert, then typepl_FPS 1. That’s it! If you want to do some window shopping as it were without pulling the trigger, you can check out the below video that contains footage of the alteration in action.

You know what? Despite the fact that Evil Withinwas crafted as a third-person experience, this doesn’t look half bad, especially if someone were to create a VR mod in tandem with this tweak.