You can play Star Wars Battlefront multiplayer offline against bots next week


Starting with Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron

DICE is giving Star Wars Battlefront another shot in the arm with a new way to play the game offline.

Beginning July 21, Skirmish mode will let players compete against bots alone (or with a partner in split-screen co-op on consoles) in the existing Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron game types. This is something fans have been demanding for months and months, and I have to assume more maps (Hoth and Sullust are confirmed so far) and modes will come in due time. Wonderful news.

For all of you season pass holders, the studio also noted that the next expansion, Death Star, will be out in September. We can expect ground and space maps, plus “new weapons and Star Cards and two new heroes including one larger-than-life character we know you’ve been patiently waiting for.”

So, probably Chewie? Seems like they’re bound to include him sooner or later. We’ll get to see a new tease for the DLC this Saturday, July 16 at 11:00am Pacific during Europe’s Star Wars Celebration.

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