You can pre-order the Fire Emblem Alm & Celica amiibo now


They’re up on Best Buy

Folks have been waiting weeks to nail down pre-orders for theAlm & Celica amiibo 2-Pack, and now Best Buy has opened their page. So who are these people and why should you care (maybe you shouldn’t care about amiibo, but that’s a conversation for another day)?

Well, the 2-Pack is going to be used inFire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentiaa remake of the second game for 3DS, that’s coming in May of this year.Alm and Celica themselves are the two main protagonists for the game, so this is a great way to sort of re-introduce them to the world. Maybe you caught them in Fire Emblem Awakeningtoo — as they were both DLC characters.

As a reminder, here’s a full up-to-date list of every amiibo that’s been confirmed so far.

Alm & Celica [Best Buy]