You can see if Dreams is your sorta game with a new demo


Sample some community games and Media Molecule’s story

You’ve probably seen the rave reviews for Dreams – it’s one of the highest-rated video games of 2020, according to Metacritic – but is right for you? Do you have that artistic drive? And if you don’t, are the user-made games enough to justify buying into the experience? Now you can find out first-hand.

Media Molecule has released a free trial version of Dreams on the PlayStation Store. To download the demo, just click the “Try Free Demo” button using this link, or search for Dreams using your PS4.

The Dreams demo has a “selection of community creations” and a “slice of Art’s Dream,” so you’re getting a mix of the best user-made games and a preview of Media Molecule’s main story, which is wonderful and represents multiple genres including point-and-clicks, platformers, and action titles.

Even if the trial doesn’t share the whole game-making toolbox, it should be pretty indicative of what’s possible, what’s already playable today, and what Dreams is all about as a fulfilling creative outlet.

If nothing else, I feel like you have to check out Art’s Dream. I genuinely loved it.

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