You can tour CD Projekt Red's offices on Google Maps, including their bomb ass pizza kitchen


Allergen alert

CD Projekt Red has built up quite a name for itself, and that name comes with tons of cash to build a dope ass studio.As reported by VG247, a virtual office tour is possible in Google Maps. Just follow this link here and you’ll be transported to Warsaw, Poland, where you can walk around parts of the office (don’t want to waltz into any Cyberpunk 2077spoilers!).

Highlights include the front desk with all of the developer’s awards and magazine covers to the side, the awesome cafeteria/kitchen that provides pizza, a salad bar and Ukrainian borscht and a very chill dining room with a giant projector screen.

As far as “big” studios go, this is about par for the course based on the office tours I’ve been on during my career. Make sure you roam some of the side halls though: like behind the aforementioned dining room for a secret cookie and juice alcove that leads directly to the gym!

CD Projekt Red [Google Maps via VG247]