You could burn (knuckle) 700 bucks on this Terry Bogard statue


Buster Wallet

This week, SNK’s iconic Terry Bogard appeared in a brand new game, SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy, in fact. Although you could be forgiven for not recognising the cooler Bogard brother right away, as their appearance in that title differs from their depiction in this new statue from Kinetiquettes.

The 1/4 scale model features the Fatal Fury superstar rocking his classic ’90s attire and bust out his famous super maneuver, Power Geyser, no doubt putting an end to his latest bout of street-based fisticuffs. Standing just over 18 inches in height and a whopping 37 inches in length. Bogard is sure to turn heads as the centrepiece in any Fatal Fury fan’s collection. In fact, the Power Geyser itself features and LED light-up feature. Pretty slick.

Obviously, such a majestic piece of fan merch doesn’t come cheap. Not at all. Kinetiquettes Terry Bogard diorama is available to pre-order now from their official store for the princely sum of $699 USD, not including shipping or any customs charges. Payment plan options are available, so you can pay off the total in chunks ahead of its official ship window in the fourth quarter of 2019. Are you okay?

Terry Bogard The Lone Wolf 1/4 scale diorama [Official]