You don't look so hot, Dante


Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat is still happening

It’s jarring going from Devil May Cry 5 – a great game in its own right, and another hit in a string of successes at Capcom – to this: a mobile Devil May Cry title from Chinese developer YunChang Game.

We last touched on Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat in 2017, so if the name doesn’t immediately ring a bell, that’s why. Along with today’s trailer, there’s also an official site with screenshots.

Pinnacle of Combat might not be awful – Devil May Cry 3 is as good of a game as any to borrow from, and a mobile DMC could work in theory – but I don’t know. Abs or no abs, Mobile Dante frightens me.

Devil May Cry Mobile – Pinnacle of Combat is Delayed until 2020 [GamerBraves]