You don't need a code to test out Rising Thunder


Open alpha

Nic’s silly tier list introduced me to Rising Thunder as something I might enjoy, but I’m only now following through. You should, too! The fighting game is holding an alpha test and there’s no waiting around for access — just create an account over here and you’ll be smashing robots soon enough.

There’s also a bit of news for current players:

Also: New balance patch incoming! Character updates + brand new Variant moves for Dauntless and Talos… For the people!

— Rising Thunder (@RisingThunder) August 10, 2015

I’ll echo everyone who has described Rising Thunder as accessible. It really is. I can’t remember the last time I looked so competent in a fighting game, but it certainly wasn’t over the weekend when I tried my hand at Killer Instinct Gold in Rare Replay. (Back to Viva Pinata I go!)