You have to see this amazing Metal Gear Solid collection


This gallery is bonkers

Okay, we can stop searching. We have officially found the world’s biggest Hideo Kojima and Metal Gear Solidfan. Or, at least, the one who’s willing to spend the most money on memorabilia related to Kojima and MGS.

PC Gamer recently ran a profile of Bayu Arafat, an Indonesian man with a tremendous collection of everything Metal Gear. Arafat started the collection in 2005, but he was a college student with little money to devote to his hobby. Now that he has disposable income, he has gone wild.

Arafat says that he ramped up his collection in 2014 because of his excitement for The Phantom Pain. Then, Kojima’s reveal of his new studio — the revamped Kojima Productions — caused him to “collect everything related to [Kojima].” Arafat even cites a life-sized wearable Ludens suit as the crown jewel of the collection.

Take a minute out of your day to sift through all the photos of this collection. It’s the only way to really get a feeling for how incredible it is. (Also, take note of how pristine the whole room looks.) The gallery is embedded below. It truly is a sight to behold.

This guy’s Metal Gear Solid collection is incredible [PC Gamer]