You only have a few days left to be spooked by P.T.


There was a Playable Teaser here, it’s gone now

It’s time to “shit your pants,” get off the pot, and download P.T. if you haven’t already. Because come April 29, its going to disappear from the PlayStation Store.

P.T. may only be considered a demo or teaser, but damn if it isn’t one of the spookiest games I’ve ever played. It’s also one of the most talked about. P.T.‘s mysterious origins (before the link to Silent Hill was discovered), enigmatic mechanics, and troubling symbolism provoked a wide of range speculation and guessing from successfully teased fans. Lore videos and discussions about the demo’s meaning are still coming out months after its release. Now that P.T. won’t be readily accessible, I’m sure its creepy urban legend stock will only go up.

What this means for the future of Silent Hills is uncertain. With the apparent falling out between Kojima Productions and Konami, this delisting could spell bad news for the project. It could be some byzantine bureaucratic decision, or it could be yet more trickery to hype this project. It’s hard to make a prediction when the situation is as foggy as downtown Silent Hill.