You probably shouldn't take pictures of strangers in public


Podtoid 358

People do dumb, silly, and strange things all the time. Sometimes they do it out in public. Now that everyone carries a little, inconspicuous camera with them, is it okay to snap a quick picture of these dumb, silly, and strange things?

That’s just one of the talking points on this week’s Podtoid. To be honest, I don’t even remember which side I took. Darren took like 15 years to edit this episode. Must’ve been too busy getting strangled by strangers.

It’s not all Watch Dogs-levels of privacy breaches, though. We talk video games too (I think). I know for certain there was a SATPOTPAQ and I probably won at least one point. Maybe more.

Just listen and tell me what happens. Then vote for your favorite and most handsomest cast member in the comments.

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