You probably would've gotten these video game questions right on Jeopardy


Last night’s contestants struggled

Everyone has their own personal knowledge gaps, and it’s trivia’s job to root out these embarrassments and expose them to an unsympathetic and highly judgmental world. I’m awful at anything to do with historical events or dates. Some people don’t know pop culture. Others struggle with science.

This week on Jeopardy, the contestants put off “Video Games” as long as they possibly could.

Things, uh, could’ve gone better. These were the prompts:

  • This company’s “Infinity” allowed you to play characters from The Incredibles and Cars, to name a few.
  • Morrowind and Skyrim are iterations of this “venerable” set of games
  • Make your future fighting Ghaul, leader of the Red Legion, in the second iteration of this Bungie game
  • In the classic video gameJoust, contestants were placed upon these birds
  • A big gaming story of 2018 is Fortnite: This genre of game where the winner is last shooter or last team standing

How would you have fared?