You should snag The Flame in the Flood while it's free on Humble


Windows and Mac only

The Humble Store has started up its spring sale, and even if you aren’t in the mood to buy anything, it’s worth swinging by right now. The site is giving away The Flame in the Flood for a limited time.

Originally released a couple years ago, The Flame in the Flood is a roguelite survival adventure across a harsh river in “post-societal America.” It’s just Scout, her dog Aesop, and a whooole lot of wild animals and potential medical mishaps in their way downstream. Rivers in video games are always trouble.

“Scout’s journey is definitely not impossible, and overcoming the punishing tribulations only serves to make her eventual victory all the more satisfying,” wrote our reviewer Ben Davis. “It’s easy to become absorbed in this world and end up spending much more time on this treacherous river than you initially intended. That is, until it swiftly kills you without remorse.”

The Flame in the Flood [Humble]