You too can wear Persona's Ann and Futuba's slick jackets


Look the part for all your head-invading needs

Japanese cosplay company Cospa are bringing the rain-deflectors of two of Persona 5’s badass babes to life, so you too can wear the super-cool jackets adorned by uber-hacker Futaba Sakura and high-school sweetheart Ann Takamaki.

The coats are faithfully recreated in style, colour and design. Futuba’s Winter warmer features a removable fur trim on the hood, whereas Ann’s sports team hoodie is emblazoned with the school’s clover logo, just be sure to rock a blazer over the top for true authenticity.

Both items will go on sale early in 2018. Ann’s hoodie is available for pre-order now at a cost of roughly $165, whereas Futuba’s coat will set you back a tad more at $175. They both look aces (probably not on me, though) so if you’re a heart-stealing fashionista, go get your order in now!