You will soon be able to complete the Zero Escape series on PS4


I have Zero Time, though

When Aksys games had announced the Nonary Games compilation for PS4, PC and Vita, I wondered why they left out the final game in the trilogy, Zero Time Dilemma. While it made sense on Vita and PC (seeing as how the third game was already available), PS4 didn’t have a port of the series closer. If that was your platform of choice, you had no way to finish the story.

Soon, PS4 users won’t have to wonder how the series ends as Aksys is finally porting the finale to Sony’s console. There isn’t much info to go, other than a Fall release and physical and digital versions being available. No price is mentioned, but it can’t be more than what the game launched at ($40). What does suck is that this seems to be limited to North America, but that may change in the future. Either way, its about time.

Word’s going ’round that Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma is going to be on PS4. Zero reveals that…it’s true! Fall 2017 for North America!

— Aksys Games (@aksysgames) May 4, 2017